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Searching folder for VST on Windows

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congrats for the 64 bit Version. But I would like to suggest that you offer a possibility to choose a folder for vst. I had to scan the whole disc. I had no idea that i would find them in the program files\common files.


But after copy them into my main vst folder it works like charm.





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The installer for AVOX 64 plain SUCKS BIG BALLS. Not only it's such a huge package (700+ MB!), it's completely unusable. Current gripes i have with it:


1) It installs complete package ANYWAY, despite the fact that i CHOSE to install only Harmony Engine

2) It installs both VST2 and VST3 versions without asking - i don't have a VST3 host and don't care for VST3. It probably installs other versions too (AAX et al), but again doesn't ask about it - and i can't find them and don't know where to look for them (more on that later)

3) It installs both x86 and x64 versions without asking - again, i moved to full x64 some time ago, i don't want to install x86 versions!

4) The path selection is completely useless. It doesn't install ANYTHING into the path i chose (if it's not the default path). The folder is empty! It installs its main files to default paths ANYWAY!

5) The biggest gripe - the plugin files (and given point 4, EVERYTHING ELSE TOO) are installed God knows where and doesn't tell you where they are!

6) It asks for reboot? Why? Does it install latest PACE drivers? If yes, again, why doesn't it ask? What if i already have the latest drivers? If not, then why the hell would it need to reboot? It's just a plugin, not an OS, for Christ sakes!


Bottom line is, whoever wrote the installer should be fired immediately.

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You know that if they fire the installer programer, then they might have to charge you for AVOX 4.1 upgrade.


By the way, is there any improvements on sound quality or algorithm -wise in the AVOX 4.1 compared to earlier version??

I've seen no changelog.

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