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Auto-Tune 8 crashes Pro Tools 11 on Mac OS 10.9

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Hi there,


I am considering to buy Auto-Tune 8 and am running the demo v8.0.6d at the moment which I downloaded last friday.


The AAX plugin works fine but when I try to reopen a session that contains tracks with Auto-Tune 8 instances Pro Tools crashes. When I drag the "Auto-Tune+Time_AAX.aaxplugin" out of the Pro Tools plugin folder in the library and restart Pro Tools the session loads fine.


I also observed that the problem might have something to do with automation of the plugin. I automated  the parameters "correction style" and later also tried "master bypass" because I only want Auto-Tune to correct certain notes. Once I remove the automation Pro Tools will start up properly with the Auto-Tune plugin active.


Help is greatly appreciated! I would buy it right away if it wasn't for this issue which makes it pretty unusable for me.




Autotune v8.0.6d (Demo)

Pro Tools 11.3.1

Mac OS 10.9.2

Mac Pro dual Quadcore 3.0GHz 16GB Ram


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