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nob turner

AT7 AAX crashes pro tools 11.2.1 when instantiated-V2

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Wade responded to my original post today, with a pretty useless comment. I'd respond in the original thread, but the forum won't let me - maybe someone locked it? Maybe Wade? If so, why?


Of course I contacted support, Wade. Months ago. Henrik can't figure this one out. I've found some other bugs in AT7, and I'm disappointed that V8 has been released when 7 is buggy. I'd hope that a fully working version would be in place before such a change.


I'd like to add (re: my original post) that it only took 3.5 months for an admin to respond. And it appears that Wade's been busy today. But not in much of a productive way. Just telling us to contact support, then locking our threads, isn't helpful, Wade. It's insulting.

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Hi Nob,


I truly apologize for the inconvenience you are having with Auto-Tune 8 and was unnaware that you had already spoken to Henrik. Unfortunately this issue will still need to go through support.


Your thread was not intentionally locked and I am looking in to why you were unable to reply.

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