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Hello everyone

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Hello everyone,


Happy New Year to you all.


Just want to say hi to you all.


I am a record producer.


Sorry to moan to everyone, but I am just not loving life at the moment.

I did an upgrade to AutoTune 8 from 7 and this thing is crashing my sessions and just won't reload any editing work that I have spent the last 5 days doing.

Now I know what Time+Pitch means.


Been getting no help with resolving this issue from Antares, and I have just given up.


What is the point in releasing software that just don't work.

That's why you have alpha and beta testing ("to destruction"!) before you release software to the general public.

I could not use 7 in realtime, which I suppose also made most of you pissed like me, but now I paid for an upgrade, that really should have been free.

This shit don't work either.

As we say in London, someone need's their nads (bollocks)chopped off, or maybe I need to send some of the characters from Guy Ritchie's Snatch over to get the problem fixed Dick Van Dyke style.

Oi Oi apples and pears, how's ya father".

Only joking.

Please please can someone fix this problem for everyone.

(happy customers= Less drama all around)


Once again sorry to everyone for having a moan.


Happy Holidays to you all.


Desperate Dwight :D

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Hi, my name is Steve. I am here because I have downloaded a trial DEMO of Autotune but I am unable to locate the plug-in. Please help. I am using a MacBook Pro, Pro-tools MP9. I have downloaded a trial version of a different plugin and found it no problem, but this one is missing. I have since downloaded a free plu-in and that is no where to be found either. Thank you

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