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Damaged Voice: Can auto-tune fix it

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Hello. I have had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in every joint of my body since age 1 (I'm currently 29). I have noticed throughout my life that my vocal range has been steadily decreasing. Within the past seven years it has been dramatic.  I lost  nearly all   my range except for a very deep  monophonic baritone though oddly enough I can maintain a falsetto but the falsetto  is quite straining. Due to issues with my hands from the arthritis I'm now effectively unable to participate in music at all  except for vocals. My doctors are not sure whether the problem with my  vocal ability is because of the arthritis affecting joints within the voice box  or whether it is complications from other issues and medications associated with juvenile  rheumatoid arthritis. I've recently been trying to utilize auto-tune to see if I can somehow give life to my vocals but  no matter what I do I can't get a performance that is  acceptable to me. Spending hours correcting each note works but  requires many fine manipulations of the mouse over a long period of time which wears out my hands very quickly even though I utilize  specially designed input devices. It is simply not possible for auto-tune to  fix a vocal automatically when there is no range within the vocal? Utilizing a MIDI track would solve the situation as well but as I mentioned above I am currently unable to utilize a keyboard or any other type of  conventional MIDI  input device.  I'm curious if anyone might have any ideas  on how to go about utilizing auto-tune as a " assistive technology"  to allow me to enjoy creating music again. Any help is greatly appreciated and I appreciate your time for reading this.



PS:  I should note I use a speech recognition software to type  so I apologize for any errors  in the text.

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