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No Pitch tracking using AT7 on Logic Pro X 10.0.7

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Antares Tech Support answered this question for me quickly and accurately;


Their response was:

Hello Wouter,
It looks like your session is fairly long time wise. The reason why no tracked material is showing up in Graph Mode has to do with the Buffer Seconds setting in Auto-Tune’s Option dialog. The buffer seconds in Auto-Tune should match the length of your song/session in seconds.


They even added a nice picture where to change the buffer size. (Its under the options button in the normal AT 7 interface)

Changing the buffer size to the length of our recording solved the problem.





My Original question:



Hi Guys,


Can anyone suggest me a place to start looking for the following problem?



I use Autotune on Logic Pro X 10.0.07.


In automatic mode AT7 does everything I expect it to do.


However in Graphic mode "Track Pitch" does not give me the the expected "tracked graph".


I use the following workflow:


1. with AT 7 installed and selected as insert device in the vocal track

2. I select the part in the vocal track that needs working (track not playing).

3. I punch up the AT7 interface and select "grahic mode"

4. I press the button "track pitch" making sure that "auto-scroll" is selected (so in case is does track I see the results immediately)

5. I start the track playback and listen to the vocals

6. I stop the playback.


Now the graphics interface of AT7 does not show the trakced audio.



Idea's anyone?


any hint is greatly appreciated.




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