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64 Bit AAX Coming?

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Yes...Autotune live AAX??? When???  There is no upgrade path from Autotune Live to Autotune 7 so we're up the creek without a paddle. C'mon Antares admins...answer this one way or the other...is Autotune Live ever going to be AAX?


Frankly I suspect not...hence the "no reply was the answer".



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I received an email from Antares support in late October 2013 saying they were about 30 days away from releasing AT Live AAX64.  I can only imagine something is going on over there delaying the release to this extent.  I have every other plugin I use, updated for PT11.  I'm sure you all will agree version 7 feels like 2 steps backwards from version 5.  More artifacts, more latency, and it honestly doesn't sound as good as version 5.  I'm hoping we see an updated release within the next couple days at the latest.

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