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Found 2 results

  1. Hello kind forum-ites, I am new to your forum. I use AutoTune 6.1 RTAS in ProTools HD for hand tuning single notes or phrases in graphical mode. I am experiencing new behavior which does not permit me to work with it at all. Here's the deal: I make a selection in a track, open the Audiosuite version of Autotune, choose all the optimizations (range, key, handle length, memory) and click Track Pitch. After clicking Preview, I notice that the cursor and the pitch line are WAYY out of sync while drawing the screen. The cursor is ahead of the pitch display, I mean by several seconds. When I make a correction to the pitch line anyway where I know the problem is just by looking at it, the result is that the correction takes place far in advance instead of in the correct musical location that I chose. As I said, this is new behavior, and I think the only change since using Autotune in the same manner successfully, is updating Protools from 10.3.8 to 10.3.9. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Or have any ideas for me? Here are the things I have tried, all with no change in the result: Changing the handle length to zero, then 2.0 seconds. Turning off delay compensation, restoring it. Disabling any plug-ins causing large compensation values. The usual shut down and restart. No love with any of the above. Thanking in advance for any help. Peter Y My setup is Mac Pro 4,1; 32GB ram; OSX 10.8.5 Mountain Lion; ProTools HD 10
  2. I'm a fan of auto-tunes for real long time, great product as always. but I got the problem when I'm working with Wacom tablet with AAX plug on PT11&10 in Graphic mode I can't draw the curve, it's slow process after drawing and slow cut waveform. very buggy.. BUT!! when I back to working on Auto-tune 7 RTAS on PT10, it's working fine. Antares, Please please... Fix this bugs Check my video here.. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x17wcw8_auto-tune-7-aax-bugsssss_music *** Auto-Tunes AAX MAC 7.7.5 still have this bugs *** ps. why no one reply this forum?....