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  1. Hello Artysan, In order for Auto-Tune EVO to be able to render audio properly in AudioSuite under Pro Tools 10, it is necessary to set the new "Handle Length" feature in AudioSuite to a value of “0.00” seconds rather than the default value, which is set to "2.00." If you change this value from "2.00" to "0.00", you should be able to preview and process in both "Auto" and "Graph" mode without any issues. The "default" setting can also be changed if you do the following: 1.Choose "Setup" > "Preferences" 2.Click the "Processing" tab. 3.In the “AudioSuite” section, set the "Handle Length" to "0.00" seconds 4.Click "OK"
  2. Henrik

    Autotune EVO & 7

    Hello Gianluigi, Unfortunately, Auto-Tune 7 is not able to open Auto-Tune EVO sessions. Your Auto-Tune 7 license also does include the license for Auto-Tune EVO, so if possibile, you can install Auto-Tune EVO in order to open your friend's session. ***Please note*** Auto-Tune EVO is only available as either RTAS or TDM for use in Pro Tools (10.3.8 or below). Since Auto-Tune EVO was discontinued long before Pro Tools 11 was released, Auto-Tune EVO is therefore not available as an AAX plug-in.
  3. Henrik

    AT 7 Forum?

    Hello ortoPilot, As you now already know, in order for the sync not to get lost, the user does need to disable the "Dynamic Plug-in Processing" in Pro Tools 11's "Playback Engine." Alternatively, all of the clips in the track can be consolidated to avoid this result.
  4. Henrik

    AT 7 Forum?

    Hello Morten, Please contact our tech support department for assistance with getting Auto-Tune 7 to work in Pro Tools. Thank you: http://www.antarestech.com/support/contact.php
  5. Henrik

    AT 7 Forum?

    Hello Brian, By doing the real time editing, the audio file is being read and written by Pro Tools and Auto-Tune at the same time. This causes the reading and writing of the audio file to clash with each other resulting in instability and/or crashing. So, unfortunately doing graphic editing in real time is not supported. We are aware of the fact that the scrolling is backwards compared to previous versions of Auto-Tune. We are hoping to add a selection (in a future maintenance release) in the "Option" menu that allows the user to choose either way. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for
  6. Henrik

    Using demo version without iLok key

    Hello Pete, All our plug-ins do currently require the user to have an iLok USB Smartkey and an iLok account in order to run in as a demo. The demo license that you download to your iLok USB Smartkey will run for 10 days. We do realize that this can be an inconvenience to users that do currently not own an iLok, however, the iLok is an industry standard that is used by the majority of plug-in manufacturers. Thank you for your patience!
  7. Hello All, We do apologize for this inexcusable late reply. Unfortunately, the "side chain" input function in the AU version of Articulator (AVOX 4) is not functioning. We are working on an Articulator maintenance release that addresses this issue. We do realize that this is a serious inconvenience for all of you Articulator (AU) users and thank you for your patience.