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  1. I've been experiencing "Access violation occurred, unable to read 0x00000etc....." errors (sometimes it's other numbers). After about 5-10 minutes of tuning in graphical mode, I experience this error followed by protools crashing to the desktop. I only edit a few clips at a time (in graphical mode), then record them down to a track. Then I clear the data in auto-tune, then start a new vocal phrase. So nothing too intense. I tried switching to the last RTAS version, and still had error's.. but a slightly different message... an integer error. I assume it's related to the same fault. These error's almost always occur when drawing a note. More so after selecting the "Make Curve" option in graphical mode. I've tried memtest, OCCT, Prime95... for hours... all with no errors. I've tried different ram, reinstalled the plug-in, increasing the buffer size in auto-tune, reinstalled protools, deleted all protools preferences, enabled protools to run as admin, disabling ram caching in protools, removed all non-default plug-ins, installed all latest drivers and Windows updates, latest motherboard bios, down clocked my CPU, tried other hard drives. I even reformatted my system drive. All with no luck!!!! My system spec.'s are: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit ProTools HD v10.3.9 Asrock Z-77 OC Formula Motherboard Intel i7 3770k 2x8gb G. Skill DDR3 PC2400, alternate ram 2x4gb G. Skill DDR3 PC2133 2xPlextor 128GB SSD's, Intel X-25M 80GB SSD, W.D. Green 2TB, Seagte 2TB 2xAMD 6970's Antec 1200w PSU, Seasonic 600w PSU Nothing else crashes. Just Auto-Tune in ProTools!!! Anyone else experiencing this issue similar to mine? Did you find any work-arounds for it? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.