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  1. Hi Ajm, Thank you for sharing this. We will look into the issue you were having. Thank You
  2. Victor

    I don't have ilok hardware

    Hi Marcococa, All Antares plug-ins require an iLok for authorization: https://www.ilok.com/ilok.html
  3. We are aware of the VST 3 issue and are currently looking into it. Till then The VST2s do work correctly and have exactly the same sonic quality as the VST3s. Thank You
  4. Victor

    Problem with authorization

    Hi Heraldo, This is a problem that you'll need help from support to solve. Please contact us using the tech support form if you have not already: http://www.antarestech.com/support/contact.php Thank You
  5. Hi Alex, We are currently looking into the first issue you mentioned and will be releasing a fix for it. As for formant correction. Harmony Engine does offer some tools to deal with this such as the “Throat Length” slider next to each channel on the plug-in. That being said an octave is a big jump and will usually sound best nested in a mix.
  6. Hi Michael, If you have not already please contact support: http://www.antarestech.com/support/contact.php
  7. Hi tbirleffi, The AU version should be showing up in Ableton. If it is not you may find this helpful: 1. Click the "LIVE" menu and choose "Preferences." 2. In "Preferences" click the "File Folder" tab. 3. Under the "File Folder" tab, please select to "Rescan Plug-ins" by holding the "Alt/Option" key while clicking on the "Rescan" button. 4. This should make Ableton find your Antares plug-ins. If you are still stuck please reach out to support and we'll get you up and running: http://www.antarestech.com/support/contact.php
  8. Victor

    64bit AU

    Link to current news on the state of the AVOX installers: http://antarestech.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/11-avox-4-installer-update/