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    The purpose of the Antares Forum is to allow our users to share their experience and insights, ask for and offer help with Antares software products, offer product feedback and suggestions, and have a venue to discuss their own music-making. Although members of the Antares Crew will be reading and (occasionally) participating, the forum is intended primarily as a user-to-user resource. If you've ever participated in an internet forum before, you're probably already familiar with the sorts of things that are typically listed in "The Rules" as no-nos. Well, pretty much all those things are no-nos here too. And they can all be pretty much summed up in one basic meta-rule: 1. Don't be a jerk. (Not that you would.) If this is your first forum experience, here is a brief list of things to keep in mind: 1. Be polite (no personal attacks) 2. This forum is intended for members of all ages. No offensive material (you know what we mean). 3. The same standards apply to PMs as to open forum posts. 4. Search the forum before asking a question. It may already have been answered. 5. Be sure to post threads to the correct forum categories and keep threads on topic. 6. The official forum language is English. 7. No spamming or commercial posts. Apart from that, have fun! Thanks, - The Whole Antares Crew