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oxffffffff error in graph mode audio suite all the time

Auto-Tune 8 21 Apr 2015
howdy do, ive been having this issue in pro tools for a long time since pro tools 9 and never had it solved. from pro tools 9,10,11, and now 12 so id like to see if anyone has a fix for this issue.   in any session of pro tools i like to use auto tunes audio suite graph mode on audio tracks...
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Auto-Tune 8 crashes Pro Tools 11 on Mac OS 10.9

Auto-Tune 8 21 Apr 2015
Hi there,   I am considering to buy Auto-Tune 8 and am running the demo v8.0.6d at the moment which I downloaded last friday.   The AAX plugin works fine but when I try to reopen a session that contains tracks with Auto-Tune 8 instances Pro Tools crashes. When I drag the "Auto-Tune+Time...
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Which other pitch and time plug-ins to use alongside Auto...

Auto-Tune 8 19 Mar 2015
Which other software applications does everybody use alongside Autotune 8? Whether for music or post-production - for on vocals, to speed up their ADR workflow, deal with difficult conforming situations, reconstitute terrible on-set sounding scenes and utilise a better sounding pe...
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Harmony Engine EVO sounds garbled and unnatural

Using Harmony Engine Evo 27 Feb 2015
I have not been able to get the natural sound that I heard on the You Tube videos.  I have tried everything I know to try, but the output is garbled.  Please help.
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AutoTune with FL Studio (Mac)?

Auto-Tune 8 11 Feb 2015
Does anybody use FL Studio on their mac? I don't mean in Bootcamp or whatever. You can download a demo from ImageLine's website and then enter you registration info and bam, you have FL Studio running on your Mac. They say "This is a custom Crossover wrapped version of FL Studio for Mac OS X and...
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